The High Cost of a Cheap Website: Why Hiring an Expert is Essential

2023-11-20T12:32:16-06:00November 20th, 2023|SEO, Marketing, Branding, Website Design|

With the rise of DIY website builders and freelancers offering budget-friendly options, it might be tempting to cut costs and create a website on your own or hire the cheapest available option. That's a great idea in some cases, but this decision can lead to a high costs in the long run. In [...]

The Importance of Website Ownership: Don’t Lose Control of Your Digital Identity

2023-11-20T12:09:27-06:00November 20th, 2023|SEO, Marketing, Branding, Website Design|

We've seen the problems first hand. A cleaning company that paid a monthly service for an otherwise “free” website.  But they weren’t getting any leads, but they couldn't update the content and code to make it work. A construction company who also didn't own their website, but paid a marketing company per lead. [...]

Why AI Content Generation Can’t Replace Human Copywriters

2023-06-05T14:19:07-05:00February 22nd, 2023|Creative, News & Updates, Interesting Articles, SEO, Marketing, Website Design|

Every day it seems like there’s some news story in the media or online advertising with vivid graphics touting the amazing power of AI content generation. It’s filled with promises of improving efficiency, helping you save time, and taking content creation off your to-do list. It can all be very tantalizing. Though you’re only right [...]

SEO Landing Pages Best Practices

2022-11-30T17:08:02-06:00November 30th, 2022|Design, SEO|

An effective digital marketing strategy needs to incorporate the strategic use of landing pages to do things like help drive conversion events, target specific customer demographics, and perform insightful analytics. If you have a webpage that isn’t performing well in the SERPs, then you won’t get conversions through that landing page. It’s ultimately a waste [...]

SEO vs SEM – What’s The Difference?

2022-09-20T10:01:15-05:00September 20th, 2022|SEO, Marketing|

It seems like every few weeks internet gurus, IT professionals, and webmasters are dropping some new acronym in the world of digital marketing to boost the functional evolution of the internet. One of the more commonly known terms is SEO or Search Engine Optimization, which dovetails into SEM or Search Engine Marketing. The two things [...]

Internal Linking For SEO Best Practices

2023-06-05T14:19:09-05:00July 29th, 2022|SEO, Marketing, Website Design|

Internal linking is one of the most important SEO strategies to help improve a site’s ranking on popular search engines like Google. Yet it is also one of the more neglected link-building tactics glossed over by a lot of web designers and site managers. Like a lot of SEO best practices, the keys to successful [...]

How To Get Google Reviews and Why It’s Important

2022-04-25T13:38:39-05:00April 25th, 2022|SEO, Social Media, Marketing|

Google’s sophisticated algorithms use a staggering number of criteria to assess organic rankings. Though many of them are simply more advanced technological variations of old-fashioned modes of communication. You see this showing up in how Google Reviews influence rankings, as a sort of 21st-century version of “Word-of-Mouth Marketing.” Though Google Reviews takes this concept a [...]

How To Maximize A Law Firm’s Online Presence & Get New Clients

2023-06-05T14:21:21-05:00February 17th, 2022|Design, SEO, Marketing, Website Design|

The legal industry is extremely competitive, with lawyers and other legal professionals relying on their internet presence to help attract new clients who truly need their services. Of course, this calls for a diverse law firm marketing strategy that encompasses several critical practices such as blogging, print, strategically placed digital ads, and industry-best SEO practices. [...]

Why Your Blog Is So Good For SEO

2022-01-25T12:24:02-06:00January 25th, 2022|SEO, Social Media, Marketing|

Chances are you’ve heard the phrase “Content Is King” a time or three. While this is certainly true, it still has a lot of small business marketing managers wondering what type of content will drive the most traffic to their website, or improve their organic rankings on popular search engines? Over the course of the [...]

GMB Rebranded as Google Business Profile. Here’s What You Need To Know

2021-12-06T16:03:43-06:00December 6th, 2021|News & Updates, SEO, Marketing|

Google Business Profile is now your Google business listing headquarters! Change is inevitable, and while that’s especially true in the natural world, it is also true with internet technology and industry leaders like Google. Those in the know will note that Google is renaming “Google My Business” to Google Business Profile in a strategical attempt [...]

SEO Starter Package

2022-01-27T09:45:04-06:00November 2nd, 2021|SEO|

What can you expect when you hire SEO services with lgx? $UCCE$$! For $700 per month, we generate positive results while providing clients education on SEO and an introduction of the process of working with us. Here's a breakdown: Optimize a main phrase + 2 secondary phrases Optimize / Claim your Google Business Profile (GBP) [...]

What Is An SSL & Does It Affect Search Rankings?

2021-11-04T15:36:31-05:00September 24th, 2021|New Website Launch, SEO, Marketing|

If you have been looking for ways to improve your website’s ranking on popular search engine sites like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, then chances are you’ve come across terms like “Search Engine Optimization” and SSL Certificates. Though what they are and how to use them strategically isn’t always clear. To help you improve the ranking [...]

Why Outsource Website Hosting And Maintenance

2023-06-05T14:21:26-05:00August 24th, 2021|New Website Launch, SEO, Website Design, Marketing, ADA compliance|

Generating the content and state-of-the-art functionality of your business website is often a labor of love that takes a lot of time and effort to get the way you want it to be. So, it’s no wonder why so many small businesses want to keep their website hosting and maintenance in-house. Though a lot of [...]

How To Build A Website For Your Business

2023-06-05T14:21:29-05:00June 11th, 2021|Website Design, Marketing, SEO, New Website Launch, Design, Creative|

When building a website for your business it is all too easy to get overly caught up in the nuts and bolts details of design, web hosting, and software features. Especially if you are a small business, a startup or just delving into building your first business website. The reality is that while you do [...]

How Do Search Engines Work for Crawling, Indexing & Ranking Sites?

2021-04-30T12:01:36-05:00February 11th, 2021|Marketing, SEO|

At this point, just about everyone has used a search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo, or DuckDuckGo to look something up. Though there is a lot more science and sophistication behind how a search engine works that can make all the difference between whether your website ranks well, or gets lost deep down the page. [...]

What Is A Backlink And How Does It Work?

2021-11-28T16:01:52-06:00February 11th, 2021|SEO, Marketing|

Search engine ranking is a complex science that goes far beyond keyword-rich engaging content and engaging images. The criteria that Google and other popular search engines use taps into a wide range of factors, including backlinking. To truly help boost your website you need to move backlinks up your list of priorities. Though just how [...]

On Page SEO Checklist: How To Rank Well In SERPS

2020-12-05T10:28:37-06:00December 5th, 2020|SEO, News & Updates|

In this on-page SEO checklist, Paul Eide gives you the basics. There are 200+ known Google ranking signals. The least you can do is handle your on page business with this on page SEO checklist. Here are some Omaha on-page SEO tips for blog posts and pages on your website, ranked from most [...]

e-Commerce Website Ranking Beginners Guide

2021-04-30T12:04:31-05:00December 1st, 2020|Design, New Website Launch, SEO|

e-Commerce was once the wave of the future and it has arrived as one of the most effective ways to expand your sales and connect with new customers. Though e-commerce does require some specific strategies for things like SEO link building and optimizing your e-commerce site. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at [...]

How To Use Google My Business To Get New Customers

2021-04-30T12:05:08-05:00December 1st, 2020|SEO|

Targeted visibility on Google is critical in today’s business world. Most successful businesses recognize this, though not all know how to effectively optimize their website to make the most out of things like Google ads, Google business listings, and their Google Business Profile. The Benefits Of A Google Business Profile A Google Business Profile is [...]

How We Create a Client’s Online Presence

2018-12-03T19:50:41-06:00March 4th, 2017|Creative, Design, New Website Launch, SEO, Social Media|

Each time we begin working with a new client, the first thing we ask before we even start working is “who is the audience, and what message do you want to send to them?”  Ultimately, we believe our role is to not just to get attention to the brand, but to make sure it’s the [...]

LGD Named To List Of Best Omaha SEO Companies

2016-12-08T19:30:34-06:00December 8th, 2016|News & Updates, SEO|

little guy design named one of the Best Omaha SEO Companies National software company UpCity undertook an independent analysis of the best Omaha SEO companies and created a short list of the best SEO companies in Omaha. And LGD was named one of the best SEO companies in Omaha.  […]

Omaha Search Engine Optimization Case Study – Skin Deep Tattoo

2016-11-18T12:54:13-06:00September 22nd, 2015|SEO|

We structured our SEO efforts for Skin Deep around higher placement in image search results based on their product. Before you get a tattoo or a body piercing from an artist, you want to see some examples of completed work. We were able to rank on the first page of Google organic search for several [...]