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Why should you use professional photography?

Because the selfie you’re using on your LinkedIn profile just isn’t cutting it.

It is easier than ever to take and process a photo. Remember the old days when you’d buy some film, struggle to put it into your camera, then get 24 total exposures per roll?

The crazy thing compared to now was not knowing what the picture you just took looked like – you were literally shooting blind! Which led to many an otherwise fantastic image being wrecked by someone having their eyes closed.

Then, you’d take that roll of film to a photo processor and wait two weeks for them to be developed. It seems so primitive now, because it was. Every picture you took was calculated and valued – you weren’t going to waste film.

These days, with every smartphone having a camera that rivals some of the best cameras on the market, photography is more accessible than ever. It is an absolute gift to be able to see the image you just took right after you took it. And, to be able to take as many photographs as your memory card can hold.

But more doesn’t necessarily mean better. There is a lot more to it than that, and not everyone can take – and edit – great photos.

As the art of photography has “developed,” so has the eye of the consumer.  People are more savvy, and sensitive, to poor image quality.

Stock images can be detected from a mile away. And while stock imagery successfully serves many “rolls”, it can create a disconnect for your brand.

For example, if you are a mom and pop popcorn vendor with a handful of employees, stock imagery would seem distant and disconnected.

For a law firm that prefers ambiguity and a buffer, stock photography on their website might be perfect.

It is important to work with a professional photographer like lgx for several reasons, but here are the two most important:

  1. Skill – The more time a person spends doing something, the better they get. Photography is an art, and we’ve been doing it for 20+ years.
  2. Strategy – Knowing the goal and how the final images will be used. Will you use your shot on a billboard? Will the photograph be used on your website? Or, will it be in the header of that tri-fold brochure? We can help you determine your strategy for a photo shoot before we ever ask you to say “cheese.”

Types of Photography

Headshots & Portrait Photography

No one wants their work headshot or portrait to look like it was taken at the DMV; we won’t give you the “driver’s license treatment.” Our photographers are experts in headshot photography.

Whether taken in front of a neutral indoor background, or outside with some texture and color, we photograph and edit to create fantastic images of you and your people.  We can come to your office, scout locations, or have your team members come to a studio.

It is our job to make you look great. And during a shoot, we actively show participants an image as we are shooting. Whether it’s a single new hire or the whole team looking for refreshed photography, we’ve got you covered.

Landscape Photography

Landscape and environmental shots are important because they bring a location to life. If you have a great office setting, well-executed landscape photography gives the audience the ability to sense and feel it.

We use landscape and environmental photography to give potential customers, clients, and partners the experience they can expect when they enter your space.

We can handle environmental photography at your physical location, the team onsite working, and any other scenario you would want to show your customers.

Product Photography

Would you buy a product online if the picture was grainy and pixelated and you couldn’t see what you were buying?

Or if there was only one image of said product?

Awesome product photography makes the product look WAY more impressive than they are in real life.

And you can use the product photography images in a myriad of ways. The images can be used on a website, social media platform, product guides,  and will help you construct an image bank for marketing purposes.

Candid Photography

The premise here is to catch people “in the act,” as if they do not know they are being photographed, to catch a “candid” reaction.

Let’s get a pic of Sue in accounting balancing that budget! Let’s get Charlie, the family law attorney, brooding over some documents in his office!

Seriously though, with the right use of light and angles, you could make either of the aforementioned scenes look dramatic and intense, or fun and light.

Sports & Event Photography

We’ve photographed some of the biggest sporting events in the world; the Indianapolis 500, the Super Bowl, the X Games, the Daytona 500. And we’ve photographed small backyard gatherings, weddings, and corporate retreats.

One thing all sporting events and events have in common is motion. And even the slightest blur in a photograph renders an entire shot useless.

Website Photography

Great, relevant, professional photography is an important part of website design and aesthetics.

We all know by now how important it is for a business to have a website.  And while the search engine algorithms might not agree, we know that a picture is worth a thousand words, give or take.

You may not judge a book by its cover, but we can guarantee you that website visitors are judging your website by its photos – or lack thereof.

In the past, businesses could have gotten away with low-quality images or stock photos, but that’s not the case anymore.

Website photography helps tell a story, sell products, and introduce a service provider. We’ve built hundreds of websites featuring our photography.

Why Hire Us For Photography?

No matter the product or service, your customers and prospective customers want to see who they are working with and what you have to offer.

When you hire us, we’ll first develop a scope of work based on your priorities, needs and messaging.

Then, we will work with you to coordinate all details of the eventual shoot(s), including shot lists, location details, lighting, and more.

We will work with you and your budget to make sure you get great photographs that you can use!

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