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Save Money and Improve Your Company’s Image by Hiring a WordPress Management Service

Kevin Bullis Partner at little guy branding The Stuff Never Gets Fixed Ever thought twice about sending a potential customer to your website because it's not up-to-date? For many small companies, staying on [...]

Why Trying to Build a Website on Wix Makes This Web Developer Feel Secure in His Job

Kevin Bullis Partner at little guy branding I build websites for living, and I'm curious about the competition. Are automated website builders getting so good now that I'm going to be out [...]

Why AI Content Generation Can’t Replace Human Copywriters

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Every day it seems like there’s some news story in the media or online advertising with vivid graphics touting the amazing power of AI content generation. It’s filled with promises of improving efficiency, helping you [...]

What is GA4 and Why You Need to Switch Google Analytics

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Google continues to advance and evolve its suite of tools to help users and businesses make helpful connections. This includes updating Universal Analytics to the newest, fourth version of Google Analytics known as GA4. Though [...]