Founded in 2010, little guy branding (lgx) has grown from project-based freelance work to a full service digital marketing company. 

Our initial focus was small and medium-sized businesses (the “little guy”) in and around Omaha, Nebraska,  As we have grown, we’ve been able to offer services for businesses of all sizes and shapes and to work with clients nationwide. We work hard to give our small business clients the same experience as we do to our largest national clients and their projects.

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lgx can help you with website design, search engine optimization, mobile app development, e-commerce, social media management, video production, logo design, photography, and brand strategy & development.

We are fully licensed, insured, and incorporated under little guy design, INC. We are part of the BBB, the Omaha Chamber of Commerce, and the Sarpy County Chamber of Commerce. 

Our Mission

Get Found. Stand Out. Reach Everyone.

Our mission is to provide our customers with effective digital marketing solutions that will grow their businesses to be sustainable, profitable, and successful. Our services are designed to help you achieve the trifecta in the digital world:  Get found.  Stand out.  Reach everyone.  While we work with companies of all shapes and sizes across the country, we will always be here for the small and middle-sized companies – the “little guys” – that helped us get to where we are today.

Our Promise

If we get hit by a truck or win the lottery and quit tomorrow, you will have everything you need to continue on without us.  You will always own 100% of the work we are commissioned to make for you. You will have access to all accounts and passwords, and we will train you and your team on how to manage the back end of your website if you want to be able to do it yourself. 

Our Philosophy

More than the golden rule, we follow the platinum rule: Treat others as THEY would like to be treated. Even though we are little, we will never make you feel small. Located principally in Omaha, Nebraska, we work with clients nationwide and pride ourselves on being digital experts without the egos of larger firms or agencies. With us you get relatable, personalized service, no matter the size of your business.

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Our Heroes

Matt Stewart
Matt StewartCreative Director | CEO
Matt was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska. Growing up he always loved to draw, create and just had a general wonder and curiosity about the world.

Matt attended Bellevue University and earned two bachelor’s degrees,  Computer Graphic Design – Print & Computer Graphic Design – Web.

He loves travel, sports, friends, live music, food & the bestest puppy in the world Layla!

Figuring out how things work from the ground up, connecting with people, looking at problems from all angles with empathy, growing businesses, and giving back whenever possible continue to be driving factors.

Kevin Bullis
Kevin BullisPartner | Director of Website Development
Kevin is one of those Air Force brats who came through Bellevue for a few years growing up and then travelled around the world. Now he’s back in the Omaha-area to stay.

Before turning his attention to full-time web design and development, he was a Senior Editor at MIT Technology Review, putting his MIT master’s degree in Science Writing to good use.

Kevin built his first website in 1998 and loves digging into behind-the-scenes technology. In addition to experience with WordPress, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, he’s built projects in Java and PHP.

Sarah Antonello
Sarah AntonelloPartner | Director of Operations & Business Development
Sarah A. landed in Omaha, NE after 10 years in Washington, DC where she pursued dreams of political grandeur but didn’t end up doing anything political or grand. She’s a self-proclaimed “Jill-of-all-trades” with a passion for optimizing processes and creating efficiencies for the people she works with. Outside of work she is a tv junkie who enjoys leisurely afternoons reading and drinking wine on patios.

Sarah has a Master’s in Organizational Management from The George Washington University and a Digital Marketing Certification from Metropolitan Community College in Omaha, NE.

Jason Lazarus
Jason LazarusSEO & Development
Jason has been doing SEO since before SEO was even a thing. Since the late 90’s, after receiving a Bachelors in communications and a Masters In Multimedia Design & Marketing, Jason has designed and developed websites, and spearheaded retargeting and remarketing initiatives for a slew of companies across every vertical from eCommerce, service industries, publishers and brick & mortar retail. Doing so entailed helping them rank on the top results of searches on Google, and driving positive ROI. This led to many free opportunities with TV shows, movies, commercials, newspapers, magazines and exposure for his brands across thousands of websites With Google continually evolving, we too must be smarter with constant education and new safe techniques to ensure we’re always ahead of the competition’s race to the top. In addition, Jason has privately branded dozens of items and sold tens of thousands of products he manufactured overseas through the years.

Jason’s passion comes from driving targeted traffic, growing exposure and maximizing conversions while disrupting the competition. He loves hanging out and working at the beach followed up by a meal with his family at the Cheesecake Factory, his favorite restaurant. Nothing is more enjoyable to him than have an engaging conversation.

Sarah Miragliotta
Sarah MiragliottaSocial Media Director
Sarah has been working in digital communications since 2014, helping global companies and mom and pop businesses alike to cultivate their social media presence.

Originally from St. Louis, she has also called cities such as Chicago and Los Angeles home. In her free time, Sarah enjoys traveling, gardening, cooking with her husband, and watching pretty much anything and everything British or sci-fi.

Joe Miragliotta
Joe MiragliottaDigital Consultant
Joe was born in Derry, New Hampshire, and escaped the first chance he got. Through his love of computers, he wound up in Los Angeles, where he earned his Bachelors of Science in Media Arts, developed an unhealthy relationship with social media, and found the love of his life, Sarah.

Thanks to the internet, Joe created a vibrant career as a digital consultant for the past decade, guiding various brands and personalities to help find their online presence through social media, blogging, advertising, and photo/video content.

Jenna Martucci
Jenna MartucciProject Manager | Account Manager
An Air Force wife, Jenna returned to Omaha after moving all over the country with her family. Her previous stops included Texas, Wyoming, California, North Dakota, Washington DC, and a prior visit to Nebraska. Every location allowed her to utilize her undergraduate interior design skills, manage projects, inspire people, and grow.

Jenna leaves places better than she finds them. She once helped form a military spouse support group from scratch at Fort Belvoir, Virgina that helped 60 young wives cope with military life. As a project manager at her last job, Jenna not only brought her small company’s product to Nebraska, but also expanded it into a $450K annual revenue maker.

When not at work, Jenna enjoys watching her 3 kids do the things they love; all things vintage, especially their first child, a 1978 Datsun 280Z; sitting outside on her deck surrounded by friends and family; watching baseball with her husband, and all things Texas. She also enjoys volunteering and being a mentor for young mothers.

Tiffany Null
Tiffany NullGraphic Designer | Creative Services
Tiffany has always been hands-on, self-motivated, and excited by new challenges. A boundless curiosity drives her to learn new things, expanding her design experience and refining her creative vision.

Raised in Hillsboro, Missouri, Tiffany had a deep love for art and design from an early age. She earned her Associate Degree in Graphic Design from St. Louis Community College in 2009, and married her husband Aaron in 2011. They relocated in 2010 to Marion, Illinois  where she apprenticed under Chris DeShazo and James Moseman furthering her interest and knowledge in the design industry.

In January of 2020 she moved to Omaha, Nebraska, in order to begin her career as a freelance designer and artist. After working with a local mural artist and several sign companies, she found her current home at Little Guy Branding. She is ecstatic to be back in the branding world and is ready for new adventures!

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