Project Description

Ben’s Game Zone is a family-owned retro themed video game store which also sells movies, collectibles and offers a retro arcade. Logo, signage, website, social media, and marketing materials created for Ben’s Game Zone, located near 79th & Harrison streets in Omaha, Nebraska.

Ben’s Game Zone recently expanded and purchased the bay next to its existing location. We helped them update their signage on the new bay to match their existing signage. We also added fresh new door graphics and designed a solution for a larger pole sign.

Social Media Growth Initiatives:

  • Created Twitter account and reclaimed all social media listings, then began management of Facebook page just over one month old.
  • Initiated a Facebook campaign on 6/26/13 starting with 68 likes. We concluded the campaign on 12/26/13 with 297 likes.
  • The Facebook page grew organically (i.e. no paid advertising, no PPC, no outside advertising at all) at an average of 38 likes per month and increased by 336%.
  • Coordinated, promoted and managed two separate in-store contest promotions (Tecmo Super Bowl and Super Mario Kart tournaments) in-person and via social media.
  • Coordinated design and distribution of promotional materials (flyers, banner advertisements, business cards).
  • Devised methodology to collect customer’s personal information upon store entry and purchase/point of sale.
  • Directed internet traffic to business owned eBay store.
  • Promoted and directed internet traffic to new website created by LGD.