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What is Copywriting?

Put simply, it is writing words. But there is not much about it that is simple. Few things are as daunting as sitting down in front of a computer and writing a predetermined amount of words.

It seems easy, because anyone who can write is technically a “copywriter.” But if it isn’t your specialty, writing a 1,000 word blog post or services page (like this one) can feel overwhelming.

Don’t worry – we’ve got the “write” stuff and can help you complete any size piece of content. From an entire website, to a single blog post, we’ve been copywriting for 25+ years.

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Copywriting is important for a number of reasons.

If you are a purported expert in a field, service, or even about a product, the tone and voice of any copy you write needs to reflect this.

Imagine going to a doctor’s website and seeing all the text composed is written in street slang organized only by sentence fragments – is that a guy you would want to operate on your kidney? Probably not.

Copy does not only have to be grammatically correct, but it also has to be “on brand.” The written copy must reflect the experience of what it is like to engage with you. If it doesn’t, you are missing opportunities. And perhaps, even creating a disconnect between your brand and your audience.

What Does A Copywriter Do?

Write This Way…

When we work with our clients to create copy, the first thing we do is determine the goal, and audience, of the completed, written piece.

How will this piece of content be used? Is it evergreen or is it something that will need to be updated frequently once published?

Our first step is helping our clients determine final usage as well as how the copy will be delivered.

For example, if we are writing copy for an e-blast, we will want short, quick-hitting blurbs of text mixed in with compelling calls to actions (CTAs). If we are writing a blog post about a process, we want to create an outline of the process, then fill in that skeleton with the “muscle” of words.

Our second step is to gather any pre-existing seed content and see what can be repurposed. That big chunk of text content you have in that hastily named Word file that gives you a migraine every time you look at it is something we love to work with, mold, and shape.

Now that we have our purpose and outline, we get to work on writing the piece. In the meantime, we will ask you if you have images you’d like us to include. Blog posts with images get 40% more click thru on social media. Images also add another dimension of explanation. And, credibility.

If you don’t have images but would like to include some, we can guide you through what would be impactful for a given piece of content. From there we can schedule a photography session, use stock imagery, or even create a graphic via graphic design.

Now that we have content and images, we pass it to you, the client, for final approval. Once you give us the green light, that baby is ready for publication!

Types Of COPYWRITING We Offer: 

We write copy for e-blasts, newsletters, blogs, websites, social media posts, scripts, commercials, and anything else you can think of that requires copywriting. Professional copywriting conveys who you are and what you are about. As a business owner, it can often be hard to step back objectively, write using non-industry terms, and get granular when describing your processes. After you’ve been doing something for years, it is amazing the simple processes that you “just do” because you need to without even realizing it.

Our copywriters and content specialists will ensure that your mission, vision and values are felt throughout every page, with authentic and thoughtful words, written in your voice and tone. You didn’t copy and paste your business, so don’t do it with your words.

Email Marketing, Eblasts, and Newsletters

We understand the importance of keeping customers informed and engaged. And we also understand how daunting the thought of creating, and then sending, an e-blast or newsletter can be. The same skills we employ in copywriting are put to use with email marketing, newsletter and e-blast creation and management service offerings.

Sending a professional e-blast on a recurring basis is literally a full-time job – they are called EMail Marketers. EMail marketing includes managing and growing your email lists, creating new and compelling content, a content calendar, developing engaging and useful images, graphics, and doing it all on a regular and consistent basis.

And we didn’t even mention the second part of email marketing: Eblast Management and managing a send. Whoops, we just did!

Coupled with all of your other day-to-day job responsibilities, it can be nearly impossible to find the time to do all of that, and then be forced to create awesome content.

An eblast can drive sales, attendance at events, or anything else you want.

Think about the best e-blast you’ve ever received in your life. What was so great about it? Why did it connect with you? Why did you open it? There are brands we receive email from and are stoked about seeing the content; whether we will ever purchase a product, use a coupon, or attend an event. The eblast content is just that good.

Show us an example of what you like, or don’t like, and we will take it from there and pitch you concepts. A successful eblast send is a science, and an adventure in psychology.

Blog Writing

Blog content is important for every industry, and every website in existence. Here are three few reasons why:

  • SEO – Search engines are huge beasts with equally huge appetites. Guess what they “eat?” You guessed it, blog content, particularly longform blog content.
  • Social Sharing – Think of each blog post we write as a pre-made piece of content to be shared on social media.
  • Eblasts – If you own a gym, write a blog called “5 Tips To Huge Arms FAST.” Create an eblast with the same subject line. The people that open it, are your target demographic. Those who unsubscribed? We just saved our time and their time because we know they aren’t interested. #WinWin
  • Sales – Who’s smoother than a salesperson that emails his contact info to you right after a sales inquiry phone call? The one who includes a link to a relevant blog post on your site, that’s who.

You give us a topic, and we write the content – it is literally that simple. We can even help you come up with content and make sure it blends in with the theme of your brand or company. We love content calendars, too. We can help you strategize and script out an entire month of content in advance.

We do the work, but we work for you. All blog drafts are created in advance of your ideal publication date. We also optimize each blog post for SEO, or search engine optimization.

Website Copywriting

As mentioned above, everyone thinks they can sit down and bang out several thousand words for a new website. But once you sit down behind that keyboard, the enormity of the task that you must do hits you – and it is a bad feeling! Writing a website is like writing a book. So congrats Mr./Ms. Shakespeare, welcome to the world of Writer’s Block. LOL.

Website copywriting is a very difficult thing, in general, but even more so if it’s your first time. Or, if you have a full-time job to balance while copywriting.

We’ve done it hundreds of times (maybe more because we are old now) and we can do it for you.

The first step on a pre-existing site is a copy audit. Do we like all the words on the site currently? What needs editing? What content doesn’t exist yet but is sorely needed? What content can we create that would ease office workflows? We take all these factors, and many others, into consideration. Once determined, we keep the seed content and repurpose it based on your goals.

For a new website build, the sitemap is generally our guide. Based on the main sections/categories of the website (About, Products, etc.), we can determine what we need to write about and how long it needs to be.

The 3 man buckets of copywriting we’ve covered on this page are:

  • Email Marketing
  • Blog Writing
  • Website Copywriting

We can help you with scoping your project and answer any of your most difficult questions.

Please contact us to get the conversation started.

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