Logo Design & Development

After a business name is chosen, creating a logo is often the first next step toward building the business – and the brand.  While designing a logo may seem to be a simple thing, the logo sets the stage for all other branding, marketing, and advertising work.  There are many components that go into a logo: shapes, style, colors, fonts, taglines, and imagery, just to name a few.   

Logos give a sneak peek into the story a business is trying to to tell its customers and prospective customers.  They become recognizable representations of a company.  As a result, it is important to spend some time making sure that you love your logo – you’ll be seeing it often as your business grows. 

From law firms to landscape companies, restaurants to retail, and coastal markets to local mom & pop shops – we know logos.  We work with a talented group of graphic designers from varied backgrounds, allowing us to easily create high-impact logos no matter the industry, company size, or location.

I love working with you guys because you’re smart and you respond.
Jody Strauch Lundberg, Co-Founder, Out of the Box

It is so nice to have a road map to work from and we DO appreciate Little Guy not pressuring us to buy the “package deal”. This indicates to me LGX has its customers’ requirements in mind. You listened!

Jack Corry, Co-Founder, Papa Jack's Treats

How To Design A Logo – What it’s like to design a logo with us:

Understanding Your Needs

We specialize in custom logo design. That means, you own everything we produce for you. And, you will never see your logo used by another brand. It is your work and yours alone.

Our first step in the process is to gauge your needs and ideas for your logo.  This first step can be done over the phone, in person, or via email. We will ask questions about your business, your goals, your competition, preferred colors, styles, fonts and more at this time.

Exploring Logo Uses and Needs

At this stage, we work with you to determine where you will need to use your logo.  Some common places are: letterhead, business cards, envelopes, brochures, banners, office signage, and social media profiles.

But we know every business is unique, and you may have other places you want to display your logo.  Perhaps you won’t have a storefront, so will need vehicle graphics.  Maybe you want to have lots of swag and items to give out to clients and prospective clients so want to ensure your logo works in small spaces.  We want to think holistically in terms of where else you might want to display your logo.

Logo Sketches & Brainstorming

Once the initial exploration is complete, we will start the logo design process by connecting you with the designer that will be working with you. You may have some ideas of what you want your logo to look like, which we welcome!  It’s also okay if you don’t have a great sense of what you want it to look like.

We will work with you to identify iconography or shapes that are appealing to you and worthy of development into mockups. Before colors are finalized in any design, consideration of the logo must be taken in black and white to ensure the logo mark will be effective across a multitude of mediums.

Once the overall concept is close, we will start zeroing in in color, font, and experimenting with different layout options.

Font Type Selection & Revisions

Once we have a few typefaces that are appropriate to your brand, we will explore how they look in unison with the logomark and begin the final round of approvals and finalization. The top 2-5 concepts at this point will be delivered to the client for ideas, feedback and direction. We will show how the logo looks on various backgrounds, at different scales and alongside some logo mockups, such as a rendering of the design on a uniform or on a company vehicle.

We advise our clients to at least spend some time with concepts at each phase, although first impressions are always worth noting. We encourage you to share the concepts with those close to your business who would have a good handle on the direction the company is trying to move. We discourage showing the concepts with every family member and friend at this point, as they may not have a good grasp on what good design is.

During the revision phase, feedback can be provided via email or phone until we’ve narrowed concepts down to the top 1 or 2 concepts.

Once we get close to your final selection, we will make any tweaks that may be wanted here to reach the last stage of the process. This may be minor changes to color, different layouts, or presenting some alternative typefaces for consideration.

Hand icon offering heart and butterflies

Finalizing Your Logo Design

When we present the design for final approval, we provide a large package of files – including files for black & white versions, alternate layouts, files for web use, files for print use, basically any use you can imagine will be covered in this package.

The standard design files consist of:

  • AI (for future editing if desired),
  • EPS / PDF (for printing),
  • JPEG (for viewing), and
  • PNG (with a transparent background for web use).

The Vector file formats allow for the maximum range of output because you can scale the size without a loss of quality or sharpness. This means that the same logo design that looks great on a business card will also look perfect on a billboard.

Banner art inspired by pop-artist Damien Hirst