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eCommerce Website Design & Development Services

Which eCommerce solution should I choose?


Shopify or BigCommerce

Finding the platform that is best for your company can be challenging. There is a real temptation to jump from one platform to the next, hoping to find the one that will give you the best short-term results. Unfortunately, this approach usually leads to wasting a lot of long-term profit potential.

Though we have the experts and expertise to help you define your goals and develop an eCommerce platform that will not only meet your needs in the present. It will also have the ability to grow with you as your company continues to scale up.

Our Process

GOALS: Defining your company’s eCommerce goals in the short & long term.

DISCOVERY: Exploring the platforms with strengths that match your goals.

CREATIVE: Creating a design that helps define your brand identity.

DEVELOPMENT: Developing content that is fresh and improves your ranking on popular search engines.

DELIVERY: Implementing timely strategies that help drive sales.

SUPPORT: Supporting you with metrics, superior customer services, and any necessary training.

Throughout the process, we focus on designing an eCommerce site that is easy-to-navigate while also being seamlessly integrated with a lot of the popular eCommerce tools used by the most successful eCommerce platforms. This includes using a data-driven approach throughout the development process of your eCommerce website.

Not only does it strategically develop a site that will meet your needs, but it provides us with transparent metrics to accurately track success. This can later play a role in further customizing your eCommerce marketing strategy to create a site that truly grows with you as you scale up.

eCommerce Design & Development

Maximize Your Sales & Showcase Products Beautifully.

We use a customized approach to developing an eCommerce site to meet our client’s critical eCommerce needs. This often calls for a granular approach that carries over through design, development, and implementation.

Understanding Your Goals

When developing your company’s eCommerce site, we take the time to clearly understand all the key characteristics that will play toward sales success. This includes developing an intimate understanding of your product line and available services.

 We also factor in the demographics of your customer. This can further influence things like graphic design cues, verbiage, tailored content, and SEO strategy. The end goal is to provide all visitors to your eCommerce site with a compelling user experience that helps convert new customers and turn them into long-term loyal customers.

Give Your Presence An Upgrade

Our customized approach to design & development can reinvent or reinvigorate your presence in your industry. Even if you have been in this space for years, the eCommerce site we design for you will upgrade your presence to the next level.

 This includes things like:

  • Branding consultations to develop a consistent brand image through the site.
  • An in-depth audit of your current UX/Branding
  • Using industry-best strategies for your site’s mobile platform
  • Implementing intuitive navigation features
  • Enhancing merchandise presentation
  • Using effective storytelling techniques
  • Developing highly effective landing pages
  • Streamlining the cart and checkout process

Our Experienced Designers Get It Done Right The First Time

We strategically develop a customized look integrated with industry-leading functionality. This helps your customers to emotionally connect with your online brand. Our approach comes from decades of experience translating esthetics into an authentic user experience.  


Migrations From Existing Platforms

Even if you have used multiple platforms with dubious results, our experienced eCommerce site developers can work closely with you to migrate your product line from those less-successful platforms to your new one. This helps provide past loyal customers with an intuitive pipeline to your new customized eCommerce site to optimize your retention rates.

Shopify Websites

As a Shopify developer and agency, we can help our clients make the most out of one of the world’s most scalable eCommerce platforms. This helps create an eCommerce site that will meet all your needs today, as well as grow with your business as you scale.

Shopify UX Development & Design

As a leading Shopify agency, we specialize in developing and designing eCommerce sites for our clients that are custom optimized to create a robust user experience. This is thanks in part to the power of Shopify, which enables our designers to build or install templated themes that are scalable, fast, and primed for high conversion rates.

Our team of designers is bolstered by UX experts and eCommerce web developers with the skills to create wireframes and mobile-first design mockups for your approval. Once tailored to meet your needs, these concepts can then be directly applied to your Shopify website.

Expanding Your Global Presence

Using the Shopify platform also gives our developers the ability to expand your reach to global markets. We have the experience in system integration and migration to scale with you in lockstep.

Business Integration For Backend Growth

We take a comprehensive approach, which helps you and your employees to stay focused on your brand image and marketing message. We support your business growth by also improving back-end operations, as well as marketing strategies, and creating a robust customer experience.

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We write copy for e-blasts, newsletters, blogs, websites, social media posts, scripts, commercials, and anything else you can think of that requires copywriting. Professional copywriting conveys who you are and what you are about. As a business owner, it can often be hard to step back objectively, write using non-industry terms, and get granular when describing your processes. After you’ve been doing something for years, it is amazing the simple processes that you “just do” because you need to without even realizing it.

Our copywriters and content specialists will ensure that your mission, vision and values are felt throughout every page, with authentic and thoughtful words, written in your voice and tone. You didn’t copy and paste your business, so don’t do it with your words.

BigCommerce Websites

We have extensive training and experience working closely with BigCommerce. This includes a broad spectrum of industry-leading tools and customizable templates. Our experience has helped us to develop a deep understanding of the platform, and how to streamline our research into results.

 This helps us create a site with a robust user experience that meets and exceeds industry standards with clean code. Our team understands the platform’s backend from every conceivable angle. This allows us to take the information gathered during our in-depth consultation to boost your conversion rates and long-term sales growth.

Helping You Sell Products Customers Love

Our hands-on approach and meticulous attention to detail naturally make it easy for your company to connect with customers and boost sales. This includes a broad spectrum of advanced functions, intuitive site navigation, dynamic features, and even secure payment transactions. The result is an eCommerce site that is not only customized to your business’s unique goals but also:

Maximize Sales

By attracting new customers and converting them into not only new sales but loyal customers.

 Showcase Products Beautifully For Sales

Our designers have a highly trained and experienced eye for displaying products in an esthetically pleasing light. This includes integrating them with graphics, an on-brand color palette, a customized style sheet, and quality content.

Maximize Website Traffic

The custom eCommerce site we create for you will boost retention rates and reduce bounce rates to give you every opportunity to connect with users and convert them into customers.

 Rank In Search Engines

Our developers use state-of-the-art SEO strategies to improve your ranking on popular search engines and drive more traffic to your site.

3rd Party Marketplaces

Our developers will maximize your presence in all pertinent third-party marketplaces. We have the experience to understand which marketplaces have the strengths to match your products and services.

 Seamless Integrations –  Shipping, & Inventory & Marketing More

We work closely with all our clients to optimize every facet of their business to ensure it is properly paired with the speed of their eCommerce site. This includes back-end integration with other critical aspects like shipping, and inventory management, all while staying on cue with your marketing message and brand image.

Analytics & Data

All platforms come with built-in data to identify areas for potential growth, monitor progress, and track progress.In addition we connect your website to top google analytic tools such as search console & analytics.


eCommerce Web Development Standards

As eCommerce specialists, we know how to optimize your company’s results using Shopify, BigCommerce, and other state-of-the-art platform tools.

Responsive Design for Any Device – Mobile, Tablet, Desktop

Modern-day users rarely limit their eCommerce activity to just one device. So, we make it a point to develop all our eCommerce sites to provide the same robust UX whether the visitor is using a laptop, desktop, or mobile device.


SEO – Search Engine Optimized

As eCommerce experts, we know how to strategically implement state-of-the-art Search Engine Optimization techniques. This helps your eCommerce site to rank high on popular search engines like Google, while also drawing new users in with snippets that answer keyword-driven questions.


The streamlined integration we use in eCommerce design & development improves user speeds and sales reporting.


Satisfaction Guarantee / USA Based

We are a company based exclusively in the United States, and we believe so much in our process that we offer a satisfaction guarantee.

Acquiring New Customers & Keeping Existing Ones Happy

We don’t create cookie-cutter eCommerce sites, we create custom solutions that grow with the speed of modern-day business. By using platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, and others we create a site that will evolve with your needs as your business scales up. We don’t just create these sites, we partner with the companies we serve to help drive sales and streamline backend logistics.

Cutting Edge User Experience

We strive to create a robust UX (User Experience) that makes a great first impression with first-time visitors to your eCommerce site, as well as helping convert them into long-term loyal customers.

Growth & Support – As You Grow – We Support

We design all of our eCommerce sites to be infinitely scalable. This will give you a site that will evolve with you in lockstep as your sales, and industry presence continues to grow.

Payment Integration & Setup

We develop every element of your company’s eCommerce site for seamless integration. This includes secure payment options and sales reporting tools.