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Video production is the process of creating a video to convey information. Whether it’s a short film, a full-length movie, a business marketing “About Us” video, a television commercial, or a social media teaser, the creation of these assets all falls under the umbrella of video production. Thanks to the Smartphone, the use of video has accelerated for all markets because people are so accustomed to accessing information from a video. Video is quick and easy and there whenever you want to access it, 24/7.

Because video has become so accessible, it is easier than ever was to make a video. Which means there are a lot more videos created that completely miss the mark and leave people confused.

The standards for high-quality video production have changed. In certain cases, and for certain uses, that selfie video you shot on your phone may be perfect. Perhaps you want a “viral,” first-person, intimate feel – the selfie video works.

But, what if you need a 50 minute video explaining a very intricate software development process? You need multiple shot angles, extensive b-roll, voiceover actors, and multiple days of filming. In this case, professional video production is absolutely essential.

Everything a brand does is either brand damaging or brand enhancing. Putting out a hastily produced video to save money can end up causing a lot more financial harm than good.

Video is SO versatile! From a long form 2-3 minute video, you can do so many things with that piece of content. In addition to the equity and value of the long version you can:

  • Find key points and edit into smaller :10 second videos that are ideal for social media sharing
  • Send out a video as part of an e-blast that recipients access in a single click
  • Embed it onto a page on your site to explain a process.
  • Use as part of a traditional TV advertising campaign

Working with lgx on your video production:

After confirming a working relationship, we schedule a pre-production meeting. In that meeting, we hone in on goals, feel, tone, and style, and we determine the theme and focus of the video assets(s). From there, we move into scripting, a shot list, and sourcing talent or scheduling with key internal stakeholders. Then we devise a timeline and begin to schedule shoot dates and locations. This is a back and forth process.  At all times, the client is involved.

So why would you want to make a video with us?  Because, we make the production process fun, while creating a video deliverable that conveys emotion and delivers on your core messaging. We’ve worked on videos for huge, worldwide brands like Facebook and Gatorade, as well as small, local businesses. We’ve shot in every conceivable style – from drone video, to whiteboard, to virtual tours, to About Us videos – across all conceivable industries.  This range of experience has made us experts in creating any kind of video content, while also making the production experience comfortable and inviting. We want you to be yourselves so we can convey that to the world!

In case we haven’t yet convinced you, here are some frequently asked questions about video production.

Why Should You Consider Video Production?

It connects with all audiences. Video has the highest click thru rate of any content on social media. In fact, 1/3 of all online activity is watching video. Video is one of the most shareable and easily consumed forms of content, with 92% of mobile video consumers sharing it with others.

How popular has video become? In the next 60 seconds, 500 hours of video will be uploaded to YouTube — crazy!

We still remember when it took 35 minutes to download a single GIF via AOL dial up.

How Does Video Production Help Your Business?

Video accounts for 69% of all consumer-based Internet traffic. Own a business that sells products to consumers? 90% of video users say product videos are helpful in the decision making process.

Consumers now want more access to information before ever engaging in the traditional sales process. This goes for products and services. Consumers want an idea of what it is like to interact with your brand before they ever physically do it, via phone call or email.

You want your video to be so good, that the only reason a customer contacts you is to move forward in the process of working with you.

All Video Isn’t Good Video

More video is uploaded to the Internet in a given 30 day period of time than the three major networks created in 30 years.

The average user is exposed to just over 32 videos per month. As a result, video consumers have become a fickle crowd thanks to endless content offerings, which means the video you produce has to hook and engage immediately.

5% of viewers stop watching after one minute and 60% are gone by the time a video reaches two minutes.

Think about your own online video viewing habits; how often do you stick around longer than a minute? Or, even more than 30 seconds? If you think your audience is any different, you are making a mistake that can be avoided.

We don’t do “video for video’s sake.” We create clear calls to action that drive viewers into your preferred action.

How Will You Share Your Videos?

You’ve decided your brand or business needs video — great.

The next step is figuring out how to share your content so people actually see it, and that depends how you want people to engage with it, and what the call to action is. This needs to be strategized and confirmed prior to ever moving forward in the production process.

Spending time figuring out what issue or need this video will satiate dictates all subsequent production aspects. Including, where it will be shared.

Are you selling a product or service? Marketing your brand? Your end goal should determine your method for marketing your videos.

What does success look like for you — brand awareness, views, conversions? All of that matters.

So does the ongoing turf war between Facebook video and YouTube.  Like any great battle, each platform has strengths and weaknesses you need to consider before publishing content.

And we can help you determine that.

Do You Edit Video?

Yes we do. Have a lump of video content that you have not had time to edit yourself?

We can take that content and edit it any way you want it, whatever your final vision is. Graphics creation, transitions, music – whatever you envision, we can create.

Why Are We The Best Choice For Video Production?

What’s so special about LGX? 

We have, and can, produce video in any format, for any end user or audience. 

We know what works and how to produce video content on a large scale, and on a smaller scale. And we can help you, too. 

We can direct, film, edit, create and add graphics, and produce high quality videos for any size client. 

Give us a “shot” to discuss your Omaha video production project today: 402.882.1133

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