What can you expect when you hire SEO services with lgx? $UCCE$$!

For $700 per month, we generate positive results while providing clients education on SEO and an introduction of the process of working with us.

Here’s a breakdown:

  • Optimize a main phrase + 2 secondary phrases
  • Optimize / Claim your Google Business Profile (GBP)
  • Optimize key category pages
  • Assist in blog optimization & copywriting
  • Integrate Google Search Console with Google Analytics and claim your GBP page
  • Monthly starter Link building and / or citations
  • Assist in Content Marketing strategy
  • Provide monthly SEO education from the experts

SEO Setup:

  • We will work with you to determine the best keywords/ key phrases to target via keyword analysis that will have the most immediate, and long lasting, impact.
  • Before optimizing, we will assess search volume, competitive landscape, and determine our target keyphrases (ex: seasonal décor).
  • We will optimize content and acquire backlinks to both the website and GBP page.
  • We audit existing website and create list of changes needed.
  • Claim GMB, set up analytics/get access, etc.

Optimizing Your Site:

  • Variety of steps depending upon your needs as far as site architecture and content generation/editing.
  • We will guide you into new topics, categories and content structure as they are discovered.
  • Help with your Content Marketing strategy. We can research blog topics to start with (based on keyword volume research ex: 5 Best Ways to Decorate Your Front Porch For Spring), you write them, and we will show you how to do on-page optimizations yourself, to be effective and keep costs low. This technique is instrumental for google understanding more of what your site offers, establishing your site as an authority, in return displaying your site to targeted people looking for your services.

Analyzing Results + Measuring Success:

  • Monthly one-on-one reporting – We walk you through each success and opportunity for growth
  • Once a month 30 minute call/video to share results and discuss the campaign.
  • For some organizations, in smaller, less-competitive markets, you may be able to achieve all or most of your goals at this rate, with this package. (For larger, more-competitive markets, it will take more time and effort.)
  • What can you expect to see/how will you know that SEO efforts are working? Most SEO efforts take 6-12 months to move the needle.
  • Increased calls, site traffic, leads, contact forms filled out, actual search rankings, views.
  • It’s easy, effective, educational, and actually quite fun! Pretty soon, you’ll be watching real-time traffic to your website in Google Analytics like WE DO!

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