Each time we begin working with a new client, the first thing we ask before we even start working is “who is the audience, and what message do you want to send to them?”  Ultimately, we believe our role is to not just to get attention to the brand, but to make sure it’s the right attention.

Recently we launched a new site for Peak Industries Omaha (www.peakomaha.com). Peak has worked on impressive interior and exterior remodelling projects around the Denver area, for commercial and residential clients. Our (and their) goal was to share their amazing work with a new audience now that they’ve expanded into Omaha.

We wanted to create a presence that immediately communicated Peak’s unique strengths.  Other remodeling websites dedicate a lot of their space to talking about their work.  We let the work speak for itself.  We chose a layout that conveyed their commitment to excellence in both big picture and small details.  Thankfully, we had a client who had a great selection of professional photographs of their portfolio work.  Our jobs are a lot easier when we start with good material!

Another goal was to deliver a site that the Peak team could add to easily, without having to rely on us for updates.  After the official rollout, we sat with the client and walked them through how to add to previous entries as well as creating new content.  While we’re always available, we empower our customers to own their online presence.  We select optimal WordPress themes, plugins and settings so owners are comfortable making site updates, no matter their level of development knowledge.  

And as always, we make sure to integrate good SEO practices from the very beginning.  We want our clients to connect with the right audience, and a web presence that’s strong right out of the gate.  As we build, we make sure that we create a site that is going to organically populate across the web, and show up at the top of relevant searches.

This is a little insight into the process that goes behind the craft we bring when we create a new site.  If you’re looking for a new web solution or have an older site to update, reach out to us today, and let’s start talking about how we can take your business to the next level!

Peak Industries logo
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