How We Work With Big Brands And National Publishers

For a “Little” marketing agency from Omaha, Nebraska, we’ve done a lot of big things.

We teamed up with Gatorade for the ESPYs in Los Angeles.

With IndyCar and Verizon at the Indy 500. With Old Spice and Harley Davidson and the X Games/NYC Fashion Week. Busted Coverage and Natty Lite for the Battle at Bristol.

Our most recent effort was via a content partnership with Pizza Hut and Pittsburgh Steelers RB DeAngelo Williams. Prior to Super Bowl LI we spent an entire day with Williams, reps from Pizza Hut and a video crew from The Onion.

Then we came back to Bromaha and produced the above video.

Paul challenged him to a 40-yard dash (“No. Your first step is probably trash.”), asked who would win a fight between his former head coach Ron Rivera and current coach Mike Tomlin (“Rivera. But don’t tell coach Tomlin I said that.”), and upon arrival in Pittsburgh, did he get his picture taken with the iconic Franco Harris statue at Pittsburgh International Airport, like he did?

A former Pizza Hut cook and delivery driver as a 16-year-old, Williams worked at Pizza Hut as a cashier, cook, and delivery driver. It was the second job Williams ever had in his life. “I grew up in the small town of Wynne, Arkansas, which had about 8,000 people. You knew the people who were good tippers and definitely got those people their pizzas first.”

DeAngelo’s stiff arm tasted like Meat Lover’s za.

So, how did we end up working with him and PH?

As Super Bowl winning coach and NASCAR championship-winning owner Joe Gibbs once told us, life is all about the relationships you build.

First, you have to have relationships with large PR agencies that represent brands or influencers and want to work with you. Next, you need a place to publish the content. You need to be creative enough to come up with unique angles to pitch the content.

Then, you have to execute your vision based on the goals of the agency, talent, and client, and around unseen obstacles you could never predict in advance.

Then you have to have the ability to produce a fully edited deliverable that aligns with the goals of the agency and the publisher.

Then, you have to publish it and reach a certain amount of engagement with an audience to have a prayer of doing it again.

The above 2+ minute video asset (published on Busted Coverage social channels and accompanying written piece published on Bullz-Eye) took three people from LGD 40+ hours to produce, a lot of beers, a ton of dad jokes, and a lot of time in airports/on airplanes.

Every piece of video content you see regardless of distribution channel took a ton of effort, planning and skill.

Which is why when choosing an agency to devise creative that represents your business or brand it’s important you like their previous work and like them as people.

Previous work because that’s how you get an idea of what they will produce for you. Like them as people because you’re going to be spending a lot time communicating thoughts and ideas, likes and dislikes.

Now that you’ve seen our work, contact us and see if you can tolerate our jokes.

Paul Eide tries to tackle DeAngelo Williams who holds a Pizza Hut pizza box
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