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No business owner wants to spend time, energy, and financial resources developing a logo and branding only to have it not be used correctly.  Using colors, fonts, and logo files inconsistently creates confusion and a lack of cohesion for your brand. On the other hand, maintaining consistency in your brand elements builds customer trust, recognition, and loyalty.

But we get it, it can be hard to keep all your brand elements organized so that everyone in your organization knows what to use.  One effective way to make it easy to keep brand consistency is to develop a brand kit—a centralized collection of all your brand’s visual elements. There are a variety of ways you can organize these elements.  One popular tool – Canva –  offers a Brand Kit feature that simplifies brand management and ensures consistency across all your marketing materials.  And the best news is that you can partner with little guy branding to create your brand kit and set you up for design success – without spending an arm and a leg!

Part 1:  Why Brand Kits Are Important

Brand kits are vital in establishing and maintaining a cohesive brand identity. Here are some key reasons why they are essential:

  • Consistency:
    A brand kit ensures that all marketing materials, from social media posts to printed brochures, have a uniform look and feel, reinforcing the brand’s identity.
  • Professionalism:
    Brand kits help build trust and credibility with customers and stakeholders by creating a polished and professional image.
  • Efficiency:
    A predefined set of brand assets saves time and effort, making it easier to create new content.
  • Recognition:
    Consistent visual elements enhance brand recognition, making it easier for customers to identify and remember the brand.
  • Communication: A cohesive visual and textual presentation conveys the brand’s values, personality, and message.
  • Guidance:
    Brand kits provide clear guidelines for internal teams and external partners, ensuring everyone is on the same page.
  • Brand Integrity:
    They protect the brand’s integrity by preventing misuse or misrepresentation of brand elements.

Part 2:  What Should I Include in My Brand Kit?

A comprehensive brand kit should include various elements that collectively define and communicate your brand’s identity:

  • Logo files – primary, secondary, black & white versions
  • Colors – primary, secondary, accent, color codes
  • Typography – Heading, body/copy, font usage
  • Imagery – photos, icons, illustrations
  • Brand voice – mission statement, taglines, tone of voice
  • Marketing Materials – templates, examples, slides

Part 3:  How Canva’s Brand Kit Can Benefit Your Business

Canva’s Brand Kit feature offers several advantages for creating and managing your brand kit efficiently:

  • Centralized Asset Management
  • Custom Color Palettes
  • Font Management
  • Logo Storage
  • Drag-and-Drop Usage
  • Brand Templates
  • Collaboration and Sharing
  • Consistency and Control

Part 4:  Stand Out By Pairing a Graphic Designer with Canva

While Canva’s interface is user-friendly, and its template and Brand Kit features are phenomenal tools for organizations of all sizes, if you rely on the existing templates within the software, your brand, logo, and designed pieces might start to look like a lot of others out there.  The solution to this problem is hiring Little Guy Branding to design custom templates unique to your business and build your Brand Kit in Canva.  This gets you the best of both worlds – customized graphic design to put your brand in the best position and easy replication, updates, and usage with Canva’s features for your ongoing needs.

Building templates with a designer like little guy branding is a more cost-effective solution than hiring one for every design project. You get the customization you want but at a much more manageable price point!


Incorporating a brand kit into your business strategy is essential for maintaining a consistent and professional brand image. A brand kit simplifies this process by centralizing your brand assets, ensuring consistency, and enhancing collaboration among team members. By leveraging powerful tools like Canva and partnering with design experts like little guy branding, you can efficiently manage your brand and create content for you and your audience.

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