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When was the last time you went beyond page one on a Google search?

Yeah, we can’t remember either.

Ranking your brand or business on the first page of Google depends on multiple factors, all working together, like legs on a chair.

We are an Omaha SEO Expert! So, we created a package just for YOU!

Here are the 4 legs:

Keywords and Keyword Research: Our team will gather recommended terms to make you successful. Before optimizing, we assess search volume, competitive landscape, and determine your current backlink profile. We also integrate Google Analytics and Google Search Console to track our success. From there, we do EVERYTHING, and summarize our efforts in an easy to understand monthly report.

Blogs – Google is a beast that needs to be CONSTANTLY fed. We create original 500 to 1,000 word unique articles so YOU don’t have to. “Feed me, Seymour.”

Google My Business Page – Did you know that almost 50% of searchers will be led to your GMB page before the organic search results? We can optimize your GMB page as a new source of leads.

E-Blasts – Regular monthly e-blasts lead to conversions. We will create all content, and can send one or 100+ e-blasts per month. We manage the entire send. Leave it to us.

Why is this important? Check out this graphic (click to expand) we made explaining the SERPSlook how low the click thru rates get as you scroll down:

Omaha SEO Expert SERPS Infographic

Anatomy of a Google Search Engine Results (SERPS) Page

The most successful SEO campaigns take 12 months to build. As an Omaha SEO expert, each month, we will optimize both on-page and off-page site content around the chosen keyphrases. We track the ranking performance of each keyphrase throughout the month. And upon month end, provide monthly reporting that is easy to understand.

Per month for 12 months, we will:

  • Optimize up to 5+ keywords
  • Optimize your GMB page on an ongoing basis
  • Create and publish at least two unique blog posts per month
  • Create and send at least one e-blast per month – all content based on your feedback

Google becomes a bigger part of our lives with each passing day and ranking on the first page is absolutely essential. Let us be your Omaha SEO expert.

Targeting relevant keyphrases (also known as “keywords”) that people are searching for when they use a search engine like Google is the key to performing well. Ranking for each keyphrase can be thought of as a mini-battle based on a number of factors, such as competition and search volume. Site loading speed is also an important metric, which is why we offer hyper-fast website hosting.

Unlike most of our competitors, we are experts in ranking your Google My Business page, also known as your GMB page. The GMB page is the slumbering giant in the world of search.

Here are 10 reasons off the top of my head why GMB is vitally important. Each of these 10 probably has at least five more sub-reasons.

Helps Customers Find Your Physical Location
Helps Customers Who Don’t Know Your Business Find Out About You Via A Related Search
Better Search Visibility
Displays Useful Information About Your Brand
Another Communication Channel For Potential Clients
Gain Customer Insights Via Analytics
Track Website Traffic, Phone Calls, Direction Requests
Collect Reviews
Post Content Like A Social Media Platform
Optional Chat/Direct Message Feature

A conversation with an agency regarding SEO doesn’t have to be confusing. Let us simplify it for you.


Omaha SEO Expert Chair Inforgraphic
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