The glaring question for a social media consultant is always, How is what you do going to make me money?”

The answer is often confusing—brand recognition, personification, personal connections …

All valid points … but all terms that can quickly cause a would-be client to mentally check out.

What about money?

While our clients generally seek anonymity, Joe Horn’s Bayou 87 BBQ Sauce gave us permission to publish this case study.

Bayou 87 began its organic and online sales/marketing efforts in August of 2011.

JHBBQ created a website, Facebook Fan page and Twitter account to compliment the grassroots marketing efforts of former Kansas City Chiefs, New Orleans Saints and Atlanta Falcons Pro Bowl NFL Receiver, Joe Horn.

JHBBQ hired us in January 2012 to take over and vitalize the nearly nonexistent social media and e-commerce elements of the online business.

We took over website operations in March 2012, completing a redesign and adding an online website shopping cart in May 2012. And, product creation to increase saleable items and build brand awareness, like this Joe Horn NFL “Legends of the Dome” Poster.

Beginning in January 2012, we implemented drastic social media targeting and growth efforts in Joe’s strongest regional and sociological demographics.

  • We target people who WE KNOW will have an interest in Joe
  • We do not blindly Follow
  • We developed and implemented a unique targeting system with nearly a dozen layers and over 100 strategic elements

The personally branded @JoeHorn87 Twitter account and Joe Horn’s Bayou 87 BBQ Sauce Facebook Fan Page saw immediate, dramatic and exponential growth as they gained more exposure via the system.

As the accounts grew and Joe connected with thousands of fans, we worked with Bayou 87 to carry out sales promotions via Facebook and Twitter, seeing immediate and continued e-commerce success.

By focusing on people interested in Joe, we drove sales in a highly tangible way, as social media efforts are the ONLY tools used to promote the company’s online sales.

By providing an answer to the social media issue of dollars and cents, we signed several new and interesting online business clients.

How does social media make you money?

We can spend a full day explaining it—or you can simply reference the above.

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