“What is Google Analytics?” is a question we hear a lot.

And though it is an involved topic and a powerful tool, it can be simplified once you know what you are looking for. 

Google Analytics is absolutely necessary for any website. The tool from Google has effectively changed the game for business owners, online marketers, and website designers. It breaks down all traffic on your site, from time spent on particular pages, to demographics of visitors, to your most popular pages, and even the pages visitors enter your site. And that’s the short list!

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Here are the five main reasons you need Google Analytics on your website:

You Can See How Many People Visit Your Site (And When)

If you build a website, you want to know how many people are viewing your content regardless of industry or primary purpose of the site. With Google Analytics, you can see traffic in real time, or as far back as when you initially set it up on your site. You can also break the data down to what day and time your site receives the most, or least, traffic.

You Can See What Pages Are Most Popular

Just like a vendor selling a product, content is based on supply and demand. This shows you what type of content is resonating with your audience and helps you decide what you need to create more of (or what type of content to avoid) in the future. It’s very useful for improving pages that are doing well, and, creating pages based on your current audience’s preferences.

You Can See Demographics Of Site Visitors

The level of detail that becomes available via Google Analytics regarding site visitors is almost unsettling. Physical location, device used to visit your site, age, interests, gender — it’s ALL available.

You Can See How Long Visitors Are On Your Site

Via a metric called “Time On Page,” you can see how long visitors stay on individual pages, or the entire site. Via a metric called “Bounce Rate,” you can see how often visitors view one page and then leave, bouncing to the next site. Both types of data allows you to make informed decisions moving forward.

You Can See Where Your Traffic Is Coming From

Through Google Analytics you can determine traffic sources for your website. Referral traffic is Google’s method of reporting visits that came to your site from sources outside of its search engine. Popular examples include social media channels like Twitter and Facebook. Organic traffic is site traffic via search engine. Direct traffic is when someone types in a specific URL or domain, to go “directly” to a page.

Google Analytics helps you make informed decisions and provides insights to not only your website, but also to your business or industry.

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