Graphic Of Woman With Pink Hair And Comment Who Is LGX?

Why did we do this? Because, “design” just doesn’t cut it anymore. Too vague. Too siloed.

We explained the full scope and origin story of our rebrand here. But put simply, Design is one of many marketing services we became experts at over the years. And as our individual skills grew, so did our services.

“Oh, you guys do video/SEO/e-blasts/headshots/etc., too?”


When we founded this company in 2010, we were committed to being the “anti-agency” and being there for the “little guys” of the world. We focused a lot on design.

Since then, we still focus on “little guys” and now “even bigger guys, too. But we realized that “design” didn’t tell the whole story.

There is more to website and digital services than meets the eye. “Design” just wasn’t a sufficient word to explain what we do.

The digital experience is so much more complex, encompassing photography, videography, search engine optimization, website navigation, social media, accessibility, applications, and even connections into a company’s physical presence.

Which is one of the things the ‘x” represents – the variable of any of the number of services we offer. We have evolved into a true branding company over those 11+ years.

But now, the same way Peter Parker evolved into Spider Man, or Bruce Banner into The Incredible Hulk, we are little guy branding – lgx for short.

X has a lot of meanings:

  • X marks the spot
  • Our eXpertise
  • Your eXperience
  • A variable
  • The X-factor (and we don’t mean the latest Simon Cowell vehicle!)

We like to think we have “it”, that special something you might not quite be able to put your finger on.

We’ve rebranded as lgx because we are more than design.

The X is for your experience and our expertise. It’s for the X-factor we bring. It’s all the little extras you get when you work with us. The X marks the spot where we connect with our clients to improve their business!

We are your partners in the increasingly complex digital world. We work with you to help your business be better.

A “little” help can go a long way toward helping your business get found, stand out, and reach everyone.

Contact us today and ask us your most difficult marketing question!

Graphic Of Woman With Pink Hair And Comment Who Is LGX?
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