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The Stuff Never Gets Fixed

Ever thought twice about sending a potential customer to your website because it’s not up-to-date?

For many small companies, staying on top of the company website falls to someone whose main job is to do something else.

The website has a problem, or the content needs changing? Ask the office manager or that guy who’s always talking about gaming. Whoever it is searches around for their login information and after a password reset finally works, pokes around trying to remember how to change that one thing they haven’t touched in two years.

While they’re in there, they notice a few alarming warnings on the WordPress dashboard, and wonder if they can safely ignore them so they can get back to their pressing regular job duties.

It’s not the most economical use of their time.

Worse, in many cases, they just never get around to updating the site. Potential customers find outdated information, outright mistakes, and a site that looks like it was around for the birth of the Internet.

Let Us Help

Hiring a WordPress admin outside your company to handle the website might seem like an extravagance. But it can actually save you money because the experts can make changes faster than your best salesperson. A properly maintained website not only helps your brand’s reputation, it prevents costly downtime and keeps your site (and your customers) from getting hacked.

At little guy branding we have experts who spend every day building and managing WordPress sites. They’re fast, do the job right, and make sure your site is running and up-to-date.

We also have great designers who can make sure your site continues to evolve over time and stay looking great. Hire us, and your people can focus on what they were originally hired to do.

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