Brand Refresh and
Website Redesign Services

Brand Refresh and
Website Redesign Services

Brand Refresh and
Website Redesign Services

Earn More Revenue with a Brand Refresh

Sometimes a brand or website gets a little stale and needs a refresh. In fact, we refreshed our whole brand – and even changed our name – in 2021 so that it fits our personalities and areas of expertise better. We know what it takes to modernize a brand while retaining the social and digital equity acquired over time.

Whether your existing website or logo has become stale, you’re looking to change your organization name, or you’re simply looking to upgrade your digital presence, we can help.

When we work with you to redesign your website, our #1 goal is to ensure your website is converting more visitors to customers, and improving the experience for existing customers.

Whether your existing website or logo has become stale, you’re looking to change your organization name, or you’re simply looking to upgrade your digital presence, we can help.

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Our brand audit is a comprehensive look into a business, taking into account

  • Website security
  • Website functionality
  • Google Business Profile
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Website Design(colors, fonts, photography, website design, user experience)
  • ADA Best Practices
  • Social media presence

We start by collecting information about your company, customers, and goals via an online form. Then our team of experts will meticulously scrutinize your current brand standing in these areas, perform an analysis of where you stand, and provide a detailed document of recommendations on how to improve your brand standing. You’ll receive both an overall score and a score for each area. Our recommendations will include both do-it-yourself options and an outline of how little guy branding can complete these improvements if you were to hire us. Once the final deliverable is complete, we schedule a face-to-face meeting with members of our team to review the audit, along with our recommendations.

If you have a logo that you’re generally happy with but needs to be tweaked just a little bit, our logo refresh service may be the right choice. We’ll meet with you to learn more about what you need adjusted, then your graphic designer will vectorize, adjust and edit your logo before preparing the deliverable document.

Our refreshed logo deliverable is an organized, interactive pdf document that will link out to a Google Drive folder where all assets are organized in one easily accessible space.

Logo Redesign Package includes:

  • Logo discovery session
  • Interactive pdf
  • Logo files in full-color, reverse, and single color
  • Logo file types for use across mediums – .eps, .jpg, .png
  • If needed, an alternate logo format (horizontal or vertical)
  • Primary color palette swatch (3-4 colors) with RBG & CMYK versions
  • Primary, heading, body, and alternate fonts
  • Full ownership of all assets created
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Brand standards are the rules of how the brand is presented across all mediums. We will create a document that states very directly acceptable uses and unacceptable uses of the brand marks, colors, fonts, spacing, photography, etc.

Our brand standards guides are dynamic and include links to assets so they are organized in one place, keeping you organized and ensuring you always use the correct files.

Our tiered packages are designed to work with organizations of all needs and sizes.

Every organization will have designed elements at some point or another.  If you are updating or refreshing your brand, you’ll probably need updated marketing materials and other collateral.  Our graphic design team can create anything you need.  Here are just a few of the items you might need: 

  • Business Cards
  • Email signature
  • Letterhead
  • PowerPoint slide templates
  • Social media banners & graphics
  • Printed marketing collateral such as brochures and posters
  • Environmental signage – doors, vehicles, outside your office, etc. 
Graphic Design
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A helpful, easy-to-use website begins with a clear understanding of your organization, its key services and products, and its calls to action. Over time, websites often become cluttered as your company grows and develops. We’ll help you sort through what you have on an existing website and determine what additional pages, features, and functionality you need.

Step 1: Getting Background

For existing websites, we spend time mapping out your current website and identifying ways to improve it.

We ask that you gather whatever information you already have about your business or organization and use that as our starting point for new websites.

Step 2: Live Content Mapping Session

Once we’ve had a chance to familiarize ourselves with your existing website or current assets, we sit down with you for a live content mapping session.

This allows us to efficiently sketch out all the information that needs to be on your website and how it can be organized. It’s a rapid, back-and-forth exercise using MindNode mapping software to visualize content. For most websites, this can happen in less than 2 hours, an investment that greatly improves the quality of the site and speeds up the design process.

Step 3: Deliver a detailed sitemap and page outlines

After the session, we’ll review our notes, ask follow-up questions, and deliver the final sitemap and page outlines.

A redesigned website is often more involved and can be a more lengthy process than a refresh. This is due to potentially changing the guts of a website & architecture – such as migrating from Wix to WordPress, moving from static to responsive design, or adding / removing various pages & even implementing various technologies to improve conversions or lead capture.  A refresh on the other hand mostly keeps things the way they are, but changes graphical elements or enhancesg copy with various call to action, color changes, and even updating SEO targets to improve rankings. A refresh typically is a more affordable option because of the time involved to make these changes, however, the impact may be marginal.  

Think of changing the paint color on a car vs. rebuilding the engine that actually makes the car go. The paint refresh will make the car look prettier to those who happen to see it, but the new engine will make that car go so much faster in the race to the top.

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Before we start building your new website, we’ll work with a graphic designer to design a new, beautiful homepage for your review and approval. This helps set the tone for the overall look and feel of your website.

Once you’re happy with the design of your homepage, your website developer will build the home page, along with any other pages and functionality identified in the content mapping session.

Some things we will ask are:

  • What are your most important pages?
  • Who is your target audience & why?
  • What currently works well?
  • What do you feel is missing from your current site?
  • How will you be looking to measure success?
  • What drives your customers?
  • How will the redesign impact your team?

Every site we build includes hosting on our secure servers that are monitored 24/7. We deliver over 99.6% uptime. As a client, you will always have someone to call.

We build all of our websites with SEO best practices in mind. We can optimize an existing website for page-level optimization (meta and header tags). Additionally, we provide services related to Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Google Business Profiles. Our standard Website SEO Optimization & Setup Services includes the following:

  • Website SEO Audit (5-8 pages)
  • Keyword Selection (15) & Optimization
  • Page-Level Optimization (Meta, Title, & Header Tags)
  • Google Analytics Setup & CMS Integration
  • Google My Business Setup
  • XML Sitemap Installation & Verification
  • Google Search Console Setup
Social Media

Whether you’re looking for a one-time consultation and strategic plan for social media implementation or to fully outsource your social media efforts, we can help.  

We customize our social media management services to fit the needs and preferences of an individual organization. Whether your goal is to simply establish a regular social media presence on a single platform or cultivate an active, engaging presence across multiple platforms—we can handle whatever you need.

Our social consultation & strategy development service is a fantastic start for organizations that want to handle the majority of their social media efforts in-house but would like an expert to take a look and make recommendations.  

Photography is one of those things that can easily become out-of-date or stale. Good thing it’s relatively easy to update!

Our photographer will meet you on location for a photo session to capture images determined ahead of time for a shoot list. Session and deliverables include

  • Half- or full-day, depending on package
  • Headshots, candids, event, product, or environmental photography
  • Creation of Photo Bank, number of images depending on package

Additionally, we have access to databases filled with high-quality images that are available for our clients to use on their websites and on their social media profiles.

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Video accounts for 69% of all consumer-based Internet traffic. Well-produced video will give potential customers an idea of what it is like to interact with your brand before they ever physically do it, via phone call or email.

So why would you want to make a video with us? Because we make the production process fun, while creating a video deliverable that conveys emotion and delivers on your core messaging. We’ve worked on videos for huge, worldwide brands like Facebook and Gatorade, as well as small, local businesses. We’ve shot in every conceivable style – from drone video, to whiteboard, to virtual tours, to About Us videos – across all conceivable industries. This range of experience has made us experts in creating any kind of video content, while also making the production experience comfortable and inviting. We want you to be yourselves so we can convey that to the world!

After confirming a working relationship, we schedule a pre-production meeting. In that meeting, we hone in on goals, feel, tone, and style, and we determine the theme and focus of the video assets(s). From there, we move into scripting, a shot list, and sourcing talent or scheduling with key internal stakeholders. Then we devise a timeline and begin to schedule shoot dates and locations. This is a back and forth process. At all times, the client is involved.