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Kevin, Matt, and Paul. Omaha digital marketing experts, sans egos + beards.

Little Guy Design always pushes to over deliver and achieve monumental things for our clients. As a full-service Omaha digital marketing agency, we are constantly asking clients for feedback, but we also look to Clutch, a third-party review website, to make sure clients are excited and happy with the work that has been done.

With LGD’s Clutch profile, clients can leave detailed accounts of how work with us has been. These reviews are conducted by Clutch in order to keep the reviews unbiased and packed with verified, useful information.

Omaha Digital Marketing Agency Paul Eide

Paul Eide: SEO, Social Media, and Content Nerd

Inc. Magazine published this article that helps businesses select a digital marketing agency. In the article, it talks about how the quality of the digital agency you work with will directly determine how your company, large or small, competes online.

Let’s follow some of the articles’ requirements for a great digital agency partner. We’ll see how LGD stacks up using what we’ve learned from the data Clutch has collected.

The Omaha Digital Marketing Agency Must Have Results And A Track Record Of Success: 

In all Clutch reviews, the reviewer is specifically asked to share evidence that demonstrates the impact of LGD’s work. The most recent LGD review on Clutch, the director of a nonprofit, had this to say:

“Little Guy Design’s work has increased our Facebook following from under 100 to well over 600 people organically in one year. Digital engagement has grown exponentially and we’re way beyond where we thought we’d ever be. Their assistance with a press release had a huge reach, with 129 newspapers picking up the story nationwide. We were featured on a few news channels and on the front page of four newspapers.”

Another reviewer said that the SEO work we did has gotten them a top spot for the keywords they are focusing on in their local marketplace. The keyword success has directly impacted the number of customers going to our client’s website.

The Website Developers Must Have Great Beards In Order To Do Great Development Work:

Omaha Digital Marketing Agency Kevin Bullis

Kevin Bullis: Developmental Genius and Beardsman

Ok, full-disclosure this requirement is not listed in the Inc. Magazine article. That being said, tell me this guy doesn’t look like a great bearded developer? You can’t! An optometrist client of LGD, Dr. Matt Taylor said this about the website we built for his practice:

“They built and designed the website to align with our March 2015 opening. The site features call to actions for users; clients can use the online scheduler and submit paperwork to save time at our office. The site also lets users check accepted insurance plans.”

Now whether you’re a beard fan or not (you should be), there is no doubting that this optometry practice’s website has some amazing features developed into it.

The More Design Experience The Better And References Are Extremely Important: 

The Inc. article talks about the importance of experience and how a marketing agency utilizes local SEO. All of the reviewers that have left LGD a review on Clutch are in different industries, therefore, you know our experience working with different types of companies is very broad. With experience in social media marketing, video production, web design, development and so much more, you know that we are prepared to cover all the digital marketing bases for you. Almost every client LGD serves requires local SEO work as well as web design and development.

As for references, our Clutch profile has all the details about projects and how clients think of working with us. You can also always head to our portfolio to see a full list of our design portfolio and work.

How Does Our Omaha Digital Marketing Agency Rank? 

Omaha Digital Marketing Agency: Matt Stewart

Matt Stewart: Bearded Bad Boy And Design Genius

If you want your firm to rank high up on Google, you’d better work with a digital marketing agency that has a great Google presence. Not only does LGD rank high when searching for Omaha area digital agencies on Google, but also take a look at how we rank on Clutch’s directories. We are dominating the Web Design Agencies in Omaha directory. With LGD’s wide range of digital services, we also are a leader on the Top SEO Firms in Omaha directory. 

Bottom Line: What can a company expect when working with LGD? 

Between all the information on the LGD website about our process and the detailed reviews of us on Clutch, the positive things to expect when working with LGD are plentiful.

LGD clients are getting great value for their money. Clients have said it’s well worth the investment based off the SEO results alone. How do clients know the work is successful?

We give detailed progress reports showing the outcome of our work. Furthermore, you can expect all of your digital needs to be done by our own team. Our Clients specifically said that they appreciated the fact that the people at LGD who they were communicating with were the SAME people working on their projects.

This sounds like it should be standard across the digital marketing industry, but there are many digital marketing agencies that are actually white labeling their services, and the work is being done by another firm that has no interaction with the client.

All the reviews say that we are easy to communicate with and are always available to help. Lastly, the ways we can help and the areas we are knowledgeable in are plentiful.

We really back up the claim of being a full-service agency because most of our experience and expertise regarding SEO, Web Design, Web Development, Social Media Marketing, Photography, Video Production….we could go on for days.

We are truly involved in our work and love what we do. And it shows. We are true smart-creatives AND we have the beards to back up all our development work.

Questions? Check out our FAQ page. Or contact us via this form and we will get back to you in a jiff.

Kevin, Matt, and Paul laughing. We Are Omaha Digital Marketing Experts In...You Guessed it, Omaha
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