little guy branding is a design agency that specializes in creating bold and dynamic branding solutions for their clients. One of the ways in which their designs are inspired by Jackson Pollock is through their use of abstract expressionist techniques.

Pollock was a pioneer of the abstract expressionist movement in the 1940s and 1950s, which was characterized by its use of spontaneous and gestural brushstrokes, drips, and splatters. little guy branding draws inspiration from this approach by incorporating similar techniques into their designs.

For example, we may use splatters and drips of paint in logos or branding materials, creating a sense of energy and movement that echoes Pollock’s dynamic and expressive paintings. We may also incorporate bold and vibrant colors, another hallmark of Pollock’s work, into their designs to create a sense of vibrancy and visual interest.

Overall, little guy branding’s designs are inspired by the sense of spontaneity and energy that is characteristic of Jackson Pollock’s work, and we use similar techniques and approaches to create branding solutions that are bold, dynamic, and visually engaging.

Piet Mondrian
Damien Hirst