Get Found with SEO Friendly Website Design in Omaha

Get Found!

You’ve developed your brand and you’re ready to start selling. (If not, we can help!)

The next step is ensuring that prospective customers can find you. If you were setting up a physical shop, you might have banners, balloons, or yard signs telling people that you are open for business.

When you’re in the digital space, there are many places to establish a presence so that people can find you. Your Google Business Profile, social media accounts, and listing in local directories are all key.

All of these efforts revolve around your unique website, which potential customers can use to validate your business, buy products and book services.

little guy branding creates custom websites based on a detailed analysis of your business. We plan, create content for, design, build and continually maintain and improve your website. With a robust website as a foundation, we reach out through many digital marketing channels to ensure your hard work in creating your business leads to success.

Website Planning and Content Mapping

A good website begins with a plan.

We sit down with you to analyze your business and figure out what your website needs to do for you. Is it primarily informational? Will you be selling products? Should it allow people to book services? Integrate with your customer relationship management system software to acquire and manage leads? Allow users to search real estate listings and set up viewings?

Next, we discuss options for website content. We can do it all – photography, video, blogs and other copywriting – or you can create it yourself. Or hire your nephew for parts and have us fill in the rest.

We visually map out all the options for content and functionality to make sure nothing’s missing.

Then we talk about how to proceed. Want to start small and grow? Or do you want to make a big splash by launching a fully-realized website on day one? We can accommodate whatever works best for your business.

It’s at this early stage that we like to begin thinking about SEO (search engine optimization). Websites that perform the best are user-centric, paying close attention to what people are actually searching for and including content directly related to real-life searches. What search terms do you want to rank high for in Google? Our research can tell us which phrases are likely to have the biggest impact. We will structure your site and content from the beginning to do well in search.

Depending on our plan, we’ll coordinate with you, photographers, videographers, writers to make sure content creation is underway. Ideally, we’ll have most of the content available before the design process begin, so ensure the design perfectly accommodates the content.

Google Analytics G4 Upgrade

Once we know the content, structure and functionality of the website, we design your homepage, the hub for your whole site that will set up the design language used throughout. The design will be based on your brand – the logo, brand book and other design materials you already have. (If you need a brand developed, we can do that too!)

Design is an iterative process. While the branding and planning we’ve done so far usually means our first draft is close to what you want, there will always be fine-tuning. We’ll listen to your feedback and adjust the design until you’re satisfied.

Website Build

Once we’ve settled on the design, it’s time to build the site, translating the static mockup into code that Internet browsers understand, and that can change to look great whatever size screen people are using to look at it.

We follow coding best practices, including keeping in mind industry accessibility guidelines based on the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA and WCAG 2.0).

We build our websites using tools that will allow you to modify the content on the site yourself, without knowing code.

Once it’s ready and approved by you, we launch the site.

Continual Care

Every site we build is hosted on fast, ultra-reliable servers with security built-in, including daily backups. 

A website is a living thing. For one thing, computer browsers and other related software applications are always changing. 

With our Continual Care package, we keep your site up-to-date with regular checkups. If something breaks, we fix it. 

Websites are living things in another way – to continue to do well in search results, they should always be refreshed with new content, improved functionality and design updates. 

We will train you on how to make updates to your website to keep it fresh. Our Continual Care packages also ensure your website continues to evolve, never becoming stale or irrelevant, with included hours of development and design time. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

All of our basic and advanced websites come with basic search engine optimization, including keyword research, content optimization and connection to key Google services.

But, especially in highly competitive markets, this is just the beginning.

SEO also involves actively reaching out to the world in multiple ways to convince Google and other search engines that your website is valuable and worth promoting.

Our SEO experts can talk you through additional measures we can take to make your business stand out, including investments in Google friendly directories, backlinking services, paid advertising, and Internet marketplaces.

Social Media

Our team or writers and social media experts can use their expertise to devise a powerful and effective social media strategy. Depending on the package, they can serve as guides for your own efforts, or even produce the content for you.

Everyone knows how Cookie Monster feels about cookies. We like to explain that search engines are copy monsters – you cannot have too many written words on your website.

Training & Ownership

You maintain full ownership of the site with full access. That means you don’t have to stick with us. 

Each website we build includes an in-person training session (approximately 1-2 hours) to show you and your staff how to make content changes to the site..

Each website also includes a 30-day satisfaction guarantee which means we will work with you for up to 30 days on additional design and content changes once the site is live.